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Frequently Asked Questions

Experience Prince‘s Photographs The Way They Were Intended To Look

By The Artist Who Created Them.

Own A Rare Photograph

 Legendary Fine Art 

Limited Edition

What is a “Limited Edition Photograph”?

A Limited Edition means that the artist has forever committed to producing only a fixed number of Fine Art photographs of each image. The lower the amount, typically the rarer and more valuable that collection.  This is an extremely Limited Edition, Jeff Katz will only ever create and sign ten photographs of each Prince image. That number includes all sizes of prints, worldwide. Once all photographs are claimed, that Edition will be sold out. This rare Collection is approved by Prince's Estate. This signed art will never be offered by the photographer Jeff Katz again. Each photograph is printed on superior-grade museum photographic paper, using premium archival inks. 

For those interested in owning multiples of the same image or purchasing an entire Edition, please contact the Art Manager.  


If I wait to purchase will the prices of these photographs always remain the same?

No, the price of all Editions will increase as photographs in each Limited Edition of ten sells. As that image becomes rarer, the price will rise. We work to ensure that the Art of Jeff Katz retains and increases in value after each purchase.  Art is a joy, the beauty is that it's also a valued investment.
Many Editions are starting to sell out.  There is no determination at this time of how long these photographs will be available to the public on this website.  We highly suggest that if there is a photograph a buyer wishes to own, purchasing it now guarantees the price and availability.   


How was pricing determined for this Collection?

The prices listed for 'The Prince Limited Edition Fine Art Collection' are standard in the world of fine art music photography. In this case; the exclusive rarity, world-famous and previously unreleased images along with the very limited restriction of only ten photographs per image, makes this Collection very rare.  Our art pricing is advantageous for the buyer. In the future, this Collection may be transferred to an Art Gallery, at that time the price of these photographs will increase, most likely double.



Is there a Prince by Jeff Katz book about to be published?

There is not a book in the production stage at this time. While hopeful, we cannot guarantee if or when there may be a book. Jeff currently only has the Rights to offer these images for purchase as Limited Edition Fine Art prints of 10. These are exclusive and rare photographs, hand-selected and created by Jeff from his original film. He is honored to bring this Limited Edition Art celebrating Prince to art collectors and music lovers alike.  

What kind of frames do you offer and what are the finished sizes?

Each frame is beautifully hand-crafted by a Master Framer.  They are made with premium black wood with a museum-calibre 8-ply white mat.  The photograph is encased in anti-static, scratch and shatter-resistant, UVA protective plexiglass.  

As a courtesy to our buyers, these frames are sold basically at our cost.

Finished sizes with matt and frame ☞

◾️20” x 20” photograph is approximately 27” x 28”.

◾️30” x 30” photograph is approximately 38” x 39”.

For photographs that are not our standard sizes, please contact us for framed size information.


•Please note ☞ if a customer chooses to frame a photograph on their own, once an image has been delivered ‘Prince By Jeff Katz‘ bears no responsibility for the further condition of the print.  Please choose a professional framer carefully!

Photographer Jeff Katz Parade Album Cover

How do I pay over time using AFFIRM?

Please go to our Affirm page for instructions: AFFIRM

Can I order a custom-sized photograph and frame?

Yes, we are happy to create custom sizes. While we‘ve generally created larger sizes, a smaller size can also be ordered. That price will be the same as the regular (smallest) size in our gallery for that image. Please contact our Art Manager for information and to order.


How long will it take to receive my photograph?

We ask that you plan on 3-6 weeks for delivery.  Each photograph is custom-made at the time it is ordered. Jeff handles every step of the creation of each photograph.  Framing takes longer.  Creating this art is a long and careful process.  While we cannot guarantee faster delivery, often we are able to ship sooner.

For estimated delivery times or a rush delivery please contact us for more information.  

Photographs ordered without framing are shipped more quickly.


Do I pay sales tax on my purchases?

The only customers that are required to pay sales tax are those living in California, at 9.5%. All other states are tax exempt.


What about shipping in the US?  Do you ship to countries outside of the US?

We are excited to offer these rare photographs worldwide. For rates please enter the store checkout, once you fill in your address the shipping cost will appear.  It's rare, but we occasionally offer ‘Free Shipping'.  To assist these photographs selling worldwide we are not charging buyers our full art-handling and packaging expenses. To ship this art correctly, it is very expensive.  A "rush" shipment is available, please contact us.


International Shipping

Our photographs typically arrive as quickly as those shipped within the USA. Customs/Tariff charges are the responsibility of the customer. We cannot guarantee any charge by any county. They are in constant flux. Please contact your country's Customs department. Our discounted shipping charges help offset Customs charges. Please email us any questions, we're here to help!

Photographer Jeff Katz Prince "Sign O The Times" Photographs
Prince By Jeff Katz Gift Cards

How does a Gift Card work and how will it be delivered to my recipient?

Shortly after your purchase, Prince By Jeff Katz will notify your recipient of your gift

by email. It is important that your recipient's contact information is submitted correctly.  

Or if you prefer, your Gift Card can also be printed by you and given as a surprise gift.

Please notify us to coordinate. We will stay in contact with your recipient to ensure a

pleasant and fun ordering experience.  

We can also create a custom card amount.  Reach out to us with any questions.

Please read our entire Gift Certificate Policy here:  

Can I return a photograph?

Yes, most photographs can be exchanged one time.  Please read our full Return Policy here for full details:  RETURNS


What is a Membership?

When you sign up as a member you will be first to hear news about new releases, shipping discounts and any framing specials that we run.  


Any other questions that you may have please don't hesitate to send us an email.  We will respond within 24 hours.  

Links to our general policies and Terms and Conditions are listed below.

Thank you!

 Contact us at: 

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